Farm Animal Welfare Priorities in Asia

Although large swathes of the human population are still experiencing poverty, inequality, discrimination, and slaugther, we have seen large improvements for humanity, whether it be higher life expectancies, lower child mortality rates, less malnutrition rates, or poverty rates. However, we've failed to account for a large amount of suffering from a neglected group. Roughly 160 billion farm animals including fishes (20 times the current human population) were slaughtered in 2018, most of them in deplorable factory farming conditions, according to Fishcount.org.uk, as well as the UN's FAO. Moreover, as humanity prospers even more, we can expect humanity's appetite for more meat to rise, further increasing the slaughter of farm animals. What can we do to help reduce farm animal suffering, especially in Asia, which exports a large percentage of factory farm produce to the world?

In this online event,
  • We will discuss what effective altruism is, and how we think about farm animal welfare.
  • Yip Fai Tse, Strategy Consultant of China at Mercy For Animals (MFA), will share MFA's plans to find out where are the most impactful and tractable areas for farm animal welfare work in Asia.
  • Finally, we will host a group discussion with attendees to discuss this issue in more depth
If you care about doing good in more effective ways, come join us in this event to find out more about how you can make a difference in the world. This event is for anyone, even if you are new to farm animal welfare and effective altruist concepts! If you want to get up to speed, it might be helpful to read this cause area profile as well as this write-up before the event.

In addition to organising events like this, EA Singapore also works with academics, researchers, students, donors, philanthropists, social impact organisations, and corporations to discuss, connect and share ideas on how to do good more effectively.

You can find more about effective altruism more generally and EA SG at effectivealtruism.sg. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, join our Meetup group or follow our Facebook page.


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The photos of the chicken and fishes in our banner is taken by John Towner and Jason Leung respectively.
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Sat Jun 27, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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